Sunday, September 28, 2014

Bicycle with Side Car

Painted with Epoxy enamel (Cottage Green)
Front wheel 26 Inch
Rear wheels 20 Inch
Bicycle can be used with or without the side car
Overall length 2000 mm that's 2 meters
Width about 950 mm that's less than 1 meter
Weight bicycle 21 Kilo
Weight Side Car 10 Kilo
18 gears
Alloy wheel rims
V brakes Front And Rear
Bike stand for use without Side car

Swivel Stand Lock when using Side Car, plus hand brake lock

The side car frame has a swivel attachment to the bike
This allows the side car to be detached from the bike
by removing the swivel bolt.


Long Tail_Front and Rear Suspension

,Long tail Cargo/Touring / Beach cruiser

26 Inch alloy rim wheels

V brakes front and rear

Overall length 2150

18 Speed / Twist grip

Front suspension

Foot / Pannier rests 700 mm long

Painted with Kill-rust / Wilderness/Epoxy.

Rear stand

Weight 24 Kilo

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Cargo bike Load over front wheel

Overall Length 2 Meters
Steering has a little under steer to prevent linkages going past the return point.
6 gears with twist grip, 3 gear ranges, giving a total of 18 gear ranges.
Took 17 days to build
Parts List:
1 x 24 Inch bike
1 x 20 Inch bike
1 x old 26 inch bike frame, seat post to steering tube.
front and rear rack made from fencing material 16 mm OD tube
8 mm fencing rod for steering
40 mm OD tube off trampoline for steering tube
1 x bunk bed tubular 50 mm main frame
2 x rear stays for rear rack off babies wash stand about 10 mm OD tube
4 off brackets for front rack 200 x 30 x 3 mm flat
2 x brake cables
1 x gear cable

that's about it.

Monday, January 7, 2013


I really do need somewhere to keep my notes , I usually write things down on pieces of scrap paper and then lose them.
Anyway My friend picked up a folding bike from the local council trash and treasure shop "yard"
for four dollars $4.
And then tried to sell it on E bay for $40 now this little bicycle is in a pretty sad state.
needs new tires, tubes, brakes, very much a complete overall maybe even replace the steel wheel rims with
alloy ones. wheel size is 20 x 1.75.
I told my friend that I would like the bicycle, so it looks like I am going to have another one to look after and  fix up.
I am quite excited about this has I love working on these projects.
I have now spent a couple of hours Information on this bicycle has it was un_branded the only mark
on it was Marken Rad so at first I thought it was a German made bicycle and that's where I started  to look for information has Marken rad means "Brand bicycle" in German.
here are some of the leads I chased:
Wienora Marken Rad 1
Mars Marken Rad
Mars space brand bike
Rekord Marken rad
Markenrad Fahrrad Klapprad 
All to no avail I then stumbled onto the words "Bianchi nealeco"
This made me change direction and start to search for Italian leads
The fist one got me to Italian Vintage "Barbarilla" Folding bike with 20 Inch wheels
Too easy now, then the next one was "Amica"
Here we go, Amica by Carnielli  1960s by the factory ( Teodoro Carnielli )
Located in Vittorio Veneto, Italy
Also Graziella  1964 ( the above factory )
I will post pictures has soon as I have the bicycle here.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Picture of A Modified Raleigh Twenty Designe

Here we have a modified (Improved Design) this is more suited to the larger person, Longer Arms and Longer legs than a child. Not with excessive weight I would rate this as being suitable up to 100 kilo
After all it is still basically a child's bike, Now getting down to basics or modifications to the original Raleigh Twenty design:
Brakes originally had canter lever type which I personally never had any problem with, but a lot of people seem to find them inferior to V brakes.
Head Post steering changed to incorporate front suspension, and a longer raised handlebar
Top Tube lengthened for extra knee clearance from handlebar
this also gives more clearance from pedal to front wheel
Gears 3 speed improved to 6 speed with a derailleur changer  
This gives a basic Idea of the possibilities and Improvements that can be made.

The Raleigh Twenty Bicycle item1

Was one of the greatest bicycle designs ever developed, That is the H frame design whether they are fixed top tube or folding top tube, the U frame was a different thing all together but non the less it should rank in second place. Getting back to the Raleigh Twenty which are in great demand even today. The basic bicycle is or was a child's bicycle. So even though Adults still ride them (with usually quite a few modifications)
Some of the mods Include raising the seat on a longer seat post and also raising the handle bar to suit the Adult rider who most often has longer arms and longer legs.
TBC... In item 2

Testing Time

So he said to me ? How do you test time, My answer had to be subtle and not quite obvious that I didn't have a clue at this point in time.
Well I said to him by way of a reply, do you have the present time on your watch?
Yes he replied I do. And would you like me to tell you the time now.
Oh yes was my quick reply, I didn't want this opportunity to vanish.
Well it is exactly! Stop I shouted, Lets just assume that I have just tested time?